Pro Vice Chairman’s Message :

I firmly believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform. Every child deserves care and affection as he/she  moves beyond the wings of their ‘First Teachers’ – Parents.An environment of learning and rowing through creativity is the ideology of  Delhi Public School, Allahabad.
‘Child is the father of man’ – Each child is a vibrant bundle of energy with innocent thoughts, sparkling eyes, inquisitive mind and always very kind   at heart.A school should be a place, which supports every act with solid learning,for the future reservoir of human kind. In this backdrop, Human values imbibed at this stage of life,will remain the  core quality  of an intelligent, well-groomed personality when these tiny tots step in to their youth.
In DPS Allahabad, education spreads way beyond normal theoretical knowledge, with more emphasis on practical skills that help young ignited minds evolve into better individuals. Learning should be passionate, interactive process in which children are allowed to explore and evolve objectives in a vibrantly creative environment. While the school is committed to build such an environment, I strongly believe that to impart quality education enriched with ever-growing desire to acquire knowledge is our social and moral responsibility.
As creativity and the attitude to look beyond the obvious are essentials for quality education, we at DPS, Allahabad advocate its practice while empowering the learning process. Our commitment to blend international educational standards with pristine Indian culture makes DPS Allahabad always different and ahead of other schools.
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